Disaster Management Department
T. A. Division Building, Near Gol Chakkar, Dhurwa,
Jharkhand 834004
Phone: 651-2400218

Fire Safety


  • The schools to be given license only after checking up its safety.
  • The schools must have sufficient exit routes.
  • Identify the fire hazards and where fires might start
  • Teachers/school staff to have training in fire safety.
  • Students to be made aware about the do’s & don’t’s.
  • School to have an emergency plan and put up fire notices
  • Keep electrical inspection and testing up to date and carry out repairs.
  • Kitchen has to be in secured and safe location only.
  • Check the adequacy of fire fighting apparatus and its maintenance.
  • Ensure fire escape routes and fire exit doors/ passageways are unobstructed and doors open correctly.
  • Have first aid kits.
  • Conduct fire drills.
  • Consult with and implement recommendations of the local fire brigade.


  • Exit from the school to an open area.
  • Contain the fire if possible. If not , get outdoors immediately.
  • Execute evacuation plan and practiced fire drills.
  • Call the Fire Brigade.
  • Do not allow children and teachers to panic.
  • Do not let anyone hide. Teachers to ensure that nobody is trapped in toilet/indoors.
  • If the room is filled with smoke, ask children to stay low to the ground during exit.
  • Feel any closed door to see if they are hot before they are opened.
  • If the door is hot, use the nearest window or another exit.
  • Children and teachers should go to pre – arranged locations, teacher to take roll call.
  • Teachers should comfort distressed children.
  • Nearest hospital/authority to be alerted.
  • Do not allow children to leave on their own , or to be taken home by strangers.


  • DON’T Re- enter or permit anyone to enter the school building , unless the fire officials have given permission to enter.
  • Teachers to confirm that all students have reached their homes safely.
  • Review the fire risk management plan and evacuation plan.
  • Implement / execute recommendations by Fire Department and /or building professional before reopening school for classes.